In Ontario we have two species of squirrels that commonly live in homes. The red squirrel and the eastern grey squirrel. Both are well adapted to life in cities and are at home nesting in attics and porch roofs. The squirrel is a rodent and has no difficulty gnawing into our homes.


STEP 1-Complete exterior inspection to identify all existing entry points and potential problem areas.

STEP 2-Develop plan for humane hands-on removal if necessary or use of one-way door. Present you with written proposal to solve.

STEP 3-Begin humane eviction process and install wildlife-proofing hardware.

STEP 4-Final follow-up inspection and removal of one-way door.

Squirrel Related Concerns

Unlike raccoons, squirrels generally pose no real health concerns but there are some risks associated with these animals in some circumstances.

WARNING: squirrels can cause serious safety hazards.

  • In attics and inside the walls of buildings squirrels can chew electrical wires causing a fire hazard.
  • In furnace and water heater chimneys squirrels have be known to create 100% blockages with nesting material resulting in fatal build-ups of carbon monoxide.