Believe it or not, the skunk is one of our most beneficial animals. It is estimated that 70% of the skunks diet benefits people as it consists mainly of insects and mice. Despite this, skunks cause problems when they decide to live under our sheds, decks, and homes.


STEP 1-Onsite inspection to determine existing and potential entry points.

STEP 2-Develop humane eviction plan and present you with our written proposal to solve.

STEP 3-Begin eviction process and install skunk-proof perimeter screen.

STEP 4-Follow-up inspection and one-way door removal.


Skunk Related Concerns & Diseases

Aside from the odour which can cause nausea, eye irritation, and in some cases respiratory distress, skunks can carry some serious diseases:

    • Rabies is quite common in skunks and is transmitted through blood and saliva

The best prevention is to vaccinate your pets and do not allow them to roam at large. If you suspect you or your pet has been in contact with a rabid animal call your areas Heath Unit and a veterinarian.