Roof/Soffit Intersections


We are fortunate to live where we can enjoy wildlife in our cities and our backyards. It is one of the benefits of living in a country rich in natural resources. However, urban wildlife is opportunistic and their instinct to find food and shelter sometimes causes conflict with people.

At Urban Wildlife Control Inc we understand that animals do not damage our homes out of ill intent or malice. They are simply trying to survive. Urban Wildlife Control Inc works to educate the public on the importance of prevention because we believe that wildlife deserves our respect and kindness. With good structural prevention we can keep human-wildlife conflict to a minimum.

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Roof/Soffit Intersections

A roof/soffit intersection is an area on a building where a section of the overhang meets a lower section of a roof often where a garage roof meet the main roof of the house; this area is one of the most vulnerable areas on any home due to the way it is built. Many species of wildlife are capable of manipulating this area to gain access to the attic. Roof/soffit intersections are one of the most common areas of raccoon entry. As a part of a good prevention program this area can be secured and made wildlife proof.