Emergency Services

Emergency Services


Urban Wildlife Control Inc offers emergency service for wildlife problems that require immediate attention during regular business hours. We define a wildlife emergency as a situation where an animal is inside the living space of a home or the workspace of a business. We also consider animals that are trapped or in immediate danger a priority for an emergency service call.

If you are experiencing a wildlife emergency please call Urban Wildlife Control Inc. at:

Phone: 519-888-7828
Toll Free: 877-UWC-WILD (877-892-9453)

If you discover an animal inside your home the first thing you should do is give it an opportunity to leave on its own. In most cases the animal is there as a result of a wrong turn and just wants a way out. Simply opening a door or window to the outside will solve most situations. In some cases stressed animals will find a secure place to hide and in these cases it is best to have professional help.


The following are steps you can take to help us before we arrive onsite:

  • Remain calm. Most wildlife will do everything it can to avoid contact with you.
  • If possible try to maintain visual contact with the animal.
  • Try to confine the animal to the smallest space possible by closing doors.
  • Do not attempt to handle any animal. They all can bite in defense or fear.

The most common emergency call we receive is for a bat inside a home. In flight bats appear much larger than they are. Bats are able to squeeze into extremely small spaces and as a result they can be impossible to locate once you lose sight of them.

If you discover a bat in your home following these steps will go a long way to help ensure a successful removal:

  • Remain calm.
  • Turn on all lights-this may help encourage the bat to land.
  • Keep your eyes on the bat.
  • Make every effort to confine the bat to room.
  • Close ducts, cold air returns, and seal gaps under doors.
  • Do not attempt to handle bats. Rabies is a real risk.

Emergency service response times are subject to seasonal demand and distance. We try our best to respond as quickly as possible. Please call for availability.