Whats New at Urban Wildlife Control?

Here we are, in what seems to be the dead of winter but don’t be fooled.  Spring, as far as the animals are concerned is on the way!  The days are getting longer bit by bit and by now most of the wildlife we typically deal with are well into the mating season.  Squirrels, skunks, and raccoons have been busy with their love lives and many are already expecting little bundles of joy.  These animals are all now actively seeking warm and secure dens in which to raise their babies.  Warm dens in urban areas means attics, chimneys, and cosy spaces under additions and sunrooms.

We expect to see the first litters of squirrel babies virtually any day.  Raccoons babies should begin to arrive by the second week of March.  Skunks birth later, not typically before May although we do occasionally see some early babies in April.  The time to solve that nagging wildlife problem is now.  Once babies arrive the process can become much more difficult.  Call us!  We are here for you and looking forward to solving your wildlife problem for good!

URBAN WILDLIFE CONTROL INC can safely solve any existing wildlife problem. Better yet, we can stop animal problems from occuring in the first place by installing effective wildlife-proofing on your home today!

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